Lereko’s over-riding value proposition is to be a long-term strategic partner in all its investments, working together with other shareholders, participating in the Board as directors and supporting management towards growing shareholder value. Through its executive team, staff, shareholders and board members, Lereko offers a broad scope of industry knowledge, leadership skills and expertise to add value to its strategic partnerships and investments. Wherever possible, specialist skill is incorporated into the entities in which Lereko invests.

The Lereko team has over time developed strong relationships with policy makers at all levels in South Africa and globally. This insight into the macro economic, political and social environments is invaluable to business. To this end the team is able to participate proactively in evolving and directing strategy locally and internationally, on various Boards of directors of companies in fields that include tourism and leisure, paper and pulp, rail and road transportation, logistics, private equity, renewable energy, property, outsourced services, business and waste management amongst others.

Lereko’s principals do not seek to become full time executives within the companies they invest in. The objective is always to participate in more than being a passive shareholder but rather avail Lereko executives’ expertise and experience in areas that would support management. 

Lereko’s medium term goal is to enhance relations with its partners and explore opportunities in middle-size and manufacturing companies to drive business growth.

Lereko will continue to seek investment and business opportunities in the development of alternative sources of energy, driven by the Department of Energy through the Renewable Energy Independent Power Producers (REIPP).