Lereko leadership, individually and through partnerships, has extensive influence and networks both locally and globally.

During his tenure as the Premier for the North West, Popo Molefe derived an extensive understanding of decision-making processes in this sphere of government. In 2014 he was awarded the bronze Order of Luthuli, a national honour presented by Government to South Africans and foreign nationals for outstanding work benefiting the country, whether through acts of bravery or community service.

Dr Lulu Gwagwa’s previous experience as CEO of the Independent Development Trust and at the Commission for the Delineation and Demarcation of Provincial Boundaries, equipped her with a solid understanding of local heritage and of the country and the continent’s socio-economic development
agenda. In particular her role at the IDT gave her first-hand experience in managing and implementing programmes that utilise the SADC region’s heritage to identify service and development opportunities.
Valli Moosa was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is a veteran of the South African Freedom struggle. He worked closely with Nelson Mandela during the settlement talks and served as a negotiator for the ANC. He participated in the drafting of the South African Constitution. He served in
President Mandela’s cabinet as Minister of Constitutional Development and in President Mbeki’s government as Environment Minister. He joined the corporate sector in 2004 and currently serves as Chairman of Anglo American Platinum and Sun International and serves on the boards of Sanlam, Sappi and Imperial. He is also a partner in the Lereko Metier Sustainable Capital Fund. He is Chairman of WWF (SA) and has served as a facilitator in the global climate change negotiations for a number of years.

Within the ranks of Lereko’s principal members and among its partners resides vast knowledge and a wealth of experience in working with other African countries.