Lereko focuses on sectors that are key to the South African economy. The company draws on the experience and background of its shareholders in identifying those sectors where it is best positioned to add value.

The operational structure of Lereko mirrors the company’s philosophy of being an active and value-adding business partner.

The role of Lereko’s executives is primarily to identify and leverage synergies between the various business units for the benefit of the company and business partners. For a major transaction in a specialized industry, Lereko’s model is to recruit specialised executives onto the consortium to act as an interface between Lereko and its investees.

Over the years, Lereko has identified significant opportunities and continued to add value in its assets and strengthen its empowerment intent.

The experience of creating a truly South African business has produced within Lereko a more mature culture in decision-making. Commercial decisions are more robust, with potential assets more rigorously appraised. Lereko better understands that value realisation in some assets might take longer than anticipated.